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Breastfeeding Care

Did you know that the ability of a newborn to simply turn their head to breastfeed is a necessary skill that effects their digestion as they grow? Infants instinctually tilt their heads in the direction that their cheek is grazed because it signals the direction of food. This turn of the head is necessary during “tummy time,” which is the precursor to rolling over and eventually crawling. And what is crawling if not a cross-crawl pattern (opposition movement), which incidentally stimulates digestion in anyone from infants to adults. It all comes back to breastfeeding and our first eating habits. Whether mothers come to us directly or are referred by their lactation consultants, Vidan Family Chiropractic offers new moms breastfeeding support and guidance.

How can the right support help?

Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

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Easier Latching

As the most common reason new moms seek support, we can help with your infant’s latch while keeping you comfortable.

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Pumping & Breastfeeding Tips

We can show you the ergonomics to breastfeeding and pumping that can make each process significantly more comfortable.

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Reduced Tension

When the feeding process runs more smoothly, both mom and baby are happier, and vice versa. Let’s help you both relax.

How can we help?

Chiropractics & Breastfeeding Support

There’s ergonomics to breastfeeding. We can help you find ways that allow your infant to latch and breastfeed more comfortably. We can do cranial work with your baby to relieve tension and possible birth trauma. We can even offer advice and assistance on more comfortable ways to pump

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Latch assistance and ergonomics

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Pumping & breastfeeding ergonomics

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Cranial work for infants