office update

We want to wish all of our patients a very happy and healthy new year and notify you of upcoming changes that will help us serve you even better!

We have a new billing company! We have recently switched to a new billing company that will allow us to be even more efficient! However, this switch will cause us some headaches in the beginning (sometimes growth is hectic, am I right?). Please be patient with us, as it will take longer to get balances, invoices, etc. during this period. There will likely be a delay in billing visits from the first 2-3 weeks of January. There may also be overlap where insurance visits get rebilled (don’t worry, insurance companies will NOT pay them twice) or look confusing. If you have any questions about anything you receive, please let us know and give us time to look into the matter. If there are any errors, we will fix them! Our new billing company is equipped with a full billing/coding and compliance team that will make sure everything is switched over correctly. Once everything is switched over, we will notify you if you have a balance or credit from 2021.

Do you need to update any information with us? Has any information changed since you last updated your paperwork? Please click here to let us know if your address, phone number, or email has changed. As for your contact information, we promise that we only use this to inform you about things concerning your care or other important news like changing office hours due to inclement weather.


Speaking of inclement weather… So far we’ve had a mild winter, but it looks like Mother Nature might have some surprises in store for us! If there are any reports of bad weather approaching, please check our Facebook page for updates (one more reason to follow/”like” us!) and watch your text messages. We will always send a text if there are any changes to our schedule. If you are not receiving our texts, please let us know so that we can make sure you’re set up in the system to receive them.

We seriously miss seeing your smiles, but we don’t want to miss seeing you altogether… Let’s just say it…we really miss your faces and we don’t enjoy wearing masks; however, if we continue to wear masks and request that you all wear them as well then we can ensure that we don’t have our team out sick or quarantining. We are requesting that you continue to wear masks within the office and hopefully we can see your full smiling faces again soon!


Who are you, anyway?!? Lastly, we want to inform you of changes to our staff and exciting additions you may not have noticed yet (who are these new people behind the masks?)! Recently Sarah Myers moved to Denver for an exciting new job opportunity, and we will miss her dearly. Claire had a beautiful baby girl, Clara, and will now be back in the office part time. You may see her at the front desk, or she may be working in the back (and hopefully with that sweet baby so we can all get some baby snuggles!). Andrea is our newest team member who recently moved here from California and became a patient…but we liked her so much that we convinced her to join our team! (Did you know that Cheri, Claire, Emily, and Sarah all started as patients?!) You can see all of our smiling faces at our website!

Well, folks, that’s a wrap! Happy New Year!