How Can Office Workers Minimize Back Pain at Work?


If you work in an office every day for hours on end, then you know quite well the particular type of back pain your activity often brings.

Back pain is a common complaint among desk workers brought on often by bad posture and remaining seated in the same improper position for too long. While there are lots of things you can do after hours to relieve your discomfort, such as sports or even seeing a chiropractor, caring for your back should start at the office.

And here are a few ways you can minimize back pain at work:

Change Your Workspace

Make sure you don’t have to strain to reach the objects you need on a daily basis. Items such as pens, notebooks, mouse pad, keyboards, or other things you might use every day should be easily accessible to you without requiring you to strain your body to reach them.

Change Your Chair

A good office chair should support good posture and allow you to work comfortably. If this doesn't sound like your current office chair at all, then it’s time for a change. Ideally, your office chair should come with a few features:

  • Adjustable height, backrest, and armrests
  • Lumbar support
  • Swivel ability
  • Comfortable material

Basically, the chair should be somewhat customizable to get to the right height and help your body keep its proper position during work. 

Be Aware of Your Posture

Many people tend to slouch when they are sitting at their desk working, and it can be difficult to quickly adjust this habit. Start slowly and try to become more aware of your posture, and whenever you notice any slouching, straighten your back and try to maintain your position. While straight, your body should also remain relaxed! 

Take Frequent Breaks

Even with the right chair, set-up, and posture, you are still sitting at your desk for hours on end, which can still place strain on your back.

You should take frequent short breaks throughout the day, preferably by getting up from the desk and moving your body. You can also do some mild stretching to relieve some back tension, or even just walk to the break room and back. If you stay at your desk during breaks too, you are not doing your back any favors, unfortunately. 

Be Mindful of Your Movements

Make sure your back is in a proper position when you are not at your desk as well, like when you're walking, or lifting objects. These movements can put extra strain on your back, making the discomfort a lot worse over time. 

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