Can Chiropractic Adjustments Boost Your Immune System?

Dr. Alex Vidan

The immune system is extremely complex, and it can be difficult for non-medical professionals to wrap their heads around how it works.

So of course when talking about ways to support the immune system, some rather surprising things can come up, like chiropractic adjustments. Diet and exercise are easier to connect to a healthy immune system since they have to do with a healthier lifestyle that promotes better immunity.

But what do chiropractic adjustments have to do with your body’s ability to fight off viruses, bacteria, and other threats?

Is There a Link Between Chiropractic Adjustments and Better Immunity?

There is currently no research that conclusively shows chiropractic advancements have a direct effect on the immune system. Some studies show these adjustments could lead to a higher white blood cell production, but there is nothing definite.

As far as researchers and chiropractic experts know and can prove, going to the chiropractor won’t automatically boost, support, or otherwise improve your immune system. However, these services can fit into a wider approach to strengthening your overall health.

The Link Between the Nervous System and the Immune System

There is actually a direct and strong line of communication between the nervous system and the immune system. First, the nervous system is responsible for receiving and sending the signals your body receives to the brain. Then, your brain has the ability to communicate directly to the immune system and trigger a response.

And, it’s a two-way street. The immune system can identify any threats in your body, and tell your brain about them, which can then trigger a nervous system reaction.

All the cells and systems in your body are able to communicate with each other. These systems aren’t solitary, and they can often work together to make sure you are happy and healthy.

So, Where Do Chiropractic Adjustments Fit in?

Chiropractic adjustments have a proven effect on the nervous system. A lot of issues people see a chiropractor for are actually interfering with certain normal functions of the nervous system. For instance, a subluxation, which is a type of joint dislocation, can impact how the brain communicates with this part of the body.

As a result, a chiropractic adjustment will ensure this line of communication is working properly.

Additionally, seeing a chiropractor can also help you manage or reduce stress levels, which can also have an impact on your immune system in a beneficial way.

It’s important to note, however, that seeing a chiropractor is not enough to improve your immune system. Better immunity comes with better health, which can only be achieved with a variety of changes:

  • Good nutrition
  • Staying active
  • Taking care of your health
  • Not smoking, drinking, or using drugs, etc.

Chiropractic adjustment can help you feel a lot better, however. If you’re looking for these services in St. Louis, contact Vidan Family Chiropractic today!

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